Going Global

Introduction: Generation Global

Generation Global is a pioneering global education programme for 12- to 17-year-olds, providing them with the skills and experience they need to navigate difference in a peaceful way. By providing global learning and dialogue opportunities, the programme helps young people to be resolute in the face of narratives that may feed the development of extremist ideologies.

Generation Global has worked with over 450,000 students across 40 different countries and has trained over 14 000 teachers.

The programme

Within the UK, Generation Global has been used by teachers in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland since 2009. The programme compliments multiple areas of the curriculum across the four home nations including:

  • British values
  • SMSC (social, moral, cultural and spiritual aspects of learning)
  • Citizenship and global citizenship
  • Religious (& moral) education
  • Humanities
  • Sustainability
  • Learning for life and work

Students from the UK have connected with their peers all over the world through facilitated videoconferences and online dialogue, helping them to understand the shared challenges of growing up in our globalized world, and learning how different their lives, cultures, and beliefs can be.

Devised by an international group of educational experts, advisers and religious leaders, the programme provides opportunities for students to put critical thinking skills into practice through facilitated dialogue. Students learn about one another and explore the roots of openness and diversity in their own cultural and religious traditions.