Mini Mooc


Mini Mooc is a term we have coined to describe the collection of teaching resources that we have accumulated on the topic of ethics and teaching. These resources are intentionally more philosophical and conventionally academic than some other aspects of the re-humanising teacher education website.

We hope that they could be useful for students as well as teachers and other researchers working on structured units on this topic, potentially as part of a Master’s programme or an elective on an undergraduate education degree.

These resources could simply be of use to anyone who has an interest in the subject of ethics and teaching for its own sake.


At this stage, the Mini Mooc includes:

  • visual resources
  • suggested readings
  • simple tutorials on ethics
  • teaching

These are organised under 3 headings:

These three headings were prepared to be taught as in person structured sessions as a trial in Hong Kong in 2020. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, these were taught online and through that process captured for posterity. What a blessing in disguise!

The intention of these materials is for the reader to familiarise themselves with the philosophical and academic debates centred around ethics in teaching and ethics for teachers and educators.

Please remember that these resources were prepared with an academic audience in mind. However, we have included them here because we see their potential for others interested in these issues and hope they offer learning tools which expand on these lines of inquiry.